Four Important Things to do, when Learn BAHASA

Four Important Things to do, when Learn BAHASA

Hallo, My name is Finaira Kara. And you can call me Fin. Iam from Twelft Languange and Cultural Major. Now, iam here to do my Final Practice Examination in English. So, i hope all of you can help me to get a good mark in my test. Then, i want to tell you about something which it is interested for me, and maybe for all of you.

Before i start to tell you about that. I have some gift for two of you.Tada ! I have two books, and i will give to you who the first can answer my question and the first give me a question. Oke, why i give a book to you? Because i like reading and i want to help Indonesian program #IndonesiaMembaca.


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Maybe one of you like reading so much, like me. I always buy a book every month. Although sometimes i bought two or more in one month.
Why i like reading so much, the answer is i dont know.

Because, i like reading from i was little. But now, i know four things in BAHASA that i have to do it. What is it? The first is READING. I know, many peoples are not like reading. But, if you understand. Reading can help you to do many thing what you cant doing before. You can reading many books, you can always read, everything, everywhere and everytime. Not only the book lesson, you can read newspaper, maybe. Novel, poem, roman, history book, magazine, and so on. Who like reading in this class? Reading everyday? What you have been read? I agree when the government published a new curriculum.

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And the curriculum can make student like reading many more. Mini Library in a corner class. I like this very much. although you can go to our big library, but it is very convenient if we dont have to go library if in our class have mini library. Oke enough with reading. But, when you read something. You must UNDERSTAND what you have read. If you understand, you will find many thing which can help you to face many problems in your life and how to solve it.

The thirtd thing, after you have read something, then you have understand it. you must WRITING. Why? If you dont write something about that book. Of course, you will forget it. especially if you have a good memory. The second reason, why you have to write is you must share with other people about the thing you have been understanding. Although for some people, writing is one of the difficult thing in this world. But you must keep trying. That is good for you, and for many people. Maybe you will get a chance to be wrtiter, because all of you can be writer if you want to write of course. After you write, dont save it for your self okey?

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Dont be selfish. You must publish it, maybe in social media, blog, online diary, wattpad, maybe you get a chance to publish it in a book. Of course, you will share your knowledge, and people will share their money to buy your book. But, you must remember one thing. If a good writer, dont mind with money. And after you write, of course you must SPEAKING. And this is dificult more than writing. Like me, iam not confident to speak in front of you like this. But i do it now.

Honestly, i like reading and writing more than speaking. But, i have to speak now to get a good mark in english. I remember, mrs retno said it in my class, maybe in your class too. If you want to speak english fluently, you must keep speaking. Like your life, that life is like riding a bycicle you must keep moving to keep your balance. Maybe, one of you can be a famous public speaker like Ir. Soekarno, or like my favorit speaker is Marthin Luther King Junior with his speech which entitled I Have a Dream.

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Oke, who want to ask me about four things you have to do in BAHASA?
And i want to ask you, what you have to do in BAHASA? Do you like reading? What kind a book you have read? Do you know about the writer during reformation? Say it?

Okey, thank you for your attention. And your help of course. And, hopefull, i can continue my study in my favorit university. And i get a chance to publish my second book. And one more, if you have wattpad account, please follow me and read my story in there. Or you can read it in my blog. Okey, thank you, iam sorry if i was talkatief and nice to meet you.

Tulisan ini merupakan teks amburadul dari kelas ujian praktik akhir. So, ya, ini hampir 3 tahun yang lalu, eh, belum hampir 3 tahun, eh, entahlah.
Keberadaan tulisan ini di blog, sebenarnya hasil dari kegalauan Fin yang ingin memublikasikan cerita-cerita saat SMA. Membosankan bagi orang lain, mungkin. Tapi, Fin ingin mengabadikan seseorang. 🍁

Finaira Kara

Finaira Kara adalah seorang blogger yang suka menulis fiksi dan masih aktif menulis novel di beberapa platform. Semoga kalian semua senang membaca tulisanku ya.! KAMSAHAMNIDA ;)

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