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In the little house near a field, a teenage girl was playing piano. The sound of piano heard until field, waked up the butterflies and dragonflies. They were flies to the girl’s house. And then they were flies above the girl and her piano. They liked dance with her music. The girl just smiled. She was more beauty when she smiled. Her name was like her face. Her name was Chantiq, and her dream was be the pianist.
“Good morning, Chan. Let’s breakfast now. How about your school?” ask Chantiq Dad. “Mmm… , Dad. Yesterday I read a form about Grand Piano Contest. I want to follow it, Dad. Do you give permission to me, Dad?” asked Chantiq. “ Chan, I know you very love to playing piano and have dream to be professional piano played. But I want you think Chan. What is harvest that you made when you be piano player ? No, I don’t give you permission Chan.” Said her dad. “ So, Let’s go to school Chan. I don’t want to be late to my office.” With her sad, Chantiq joined her dad get in their car and went to Chantiq’s school.
After arrived the school, Chantiq quickly met Miss Paula, her piano’s teacher. “Why you sad, Chand?” asked Miss Paula. “My dad didn’t give me permission to following Grand Piano Contest,” said Chantiq. “I know you very love playing piano, but you don’t may oppose your dad, Chan,’’ said Miss Paula. “But it’s my dream, Miss,” Chantiq was crying. “Chan, why you very wanted it?” asked Miss Paula. Chantiq shocked with her teacher’s asked, but she started to telled.

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A beautiful woman was play piano. She looked very enjoy the sound. She still played until her daughter came. “ Mom, I want to play piano,” a little girl, she was 3 year old, ran to the woman. The girl sat on women’s lap, her mother. Her mom was teach the girl, every day. Once time she said,”Dear, one day you winner the piano contest. I will give you reward and build piano tiles in our home”. The girl just smiled, she believe to mom’s hope. But unfortunately, 2 year after it,her father and motherdivorce. The girl always save her mom’s promise. It was Chantiq’s childhood.
“Miss, please help me. I will study hard to win the contest, but I study and exercise in the school only. We must be quite, I won’t my dad know,” said Chantiq. “Okey, Chantiq. I will help you. Don’t afraid,” Miss Paula smile.
After that, everyday Chantiq exercise in the school, and study hard in her home quietly. One day, Chantiq ask to her dad,”Dad, why you don’t like when I played piano?”. Her dad answered,”Why you ask it, Chan? It’s not important. You must study your academic lesson. Playing piano don’t give future to you. You must realize it, Chan. You must make me pround of you, dear.”
Day of contest was coming, Chantiq and Miss Paula went to the Central Auditorium, place that contest lived. Audience was full and the juries were professional pianist. Before she perfomed, Miss Paula asked her,”Dear, are you ready?”, and Chantiq answered “Yes, I’am. I will win this contest. I will make dad, you and mom pround of me although I don’t know where is mom now.”
Finaly, her turn to performed was come, Chantiq played her favorite music, Canon. She played her music with heart. She was desire to her mom, this music was teach by her mom first. She played piano and consciousless she dropped her tears.
But no suppose, Chantiq really won the contest. She got first champion. And that makeed she very surprised, her dad came! He went on the stage and brought her flowers. “Dad, yesterday you said that you didn’t give me permission. Why you changed your mind?” whispered Chantiq. “Dear, Miss Paula was change me. She convinced me that you very talented and I must give you change. And you look now, you was make me pround of you, dear. Congratulation,” said her dad.
Chantiq got reward. The reward was give by one of the juries. She felt, she knew who is the juries. Beside Chantiq, her dad was shock, he saw the women with sharp eyes. The one of the juries that gived reward to Chantiq was the women, but why her dad looked angry to the women?

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When the women walked to the Chantiq, suddenly Chantiq remember her childhood. Her mom’s face, Canon music, yes, she remember now the women was her mother! But now her looked Chantiq with flat expression, and she said, “Congratulation, Chantiq. Mom very pround of you.” But her dad finally out from the stage.
“Dad, why you go? Didn’t you happy with me?” Chantiq ran to him.
“Dad, is the women was my mom? Dad, answer me! Okey, I will goto her and meet her,” Chantiq went to jury’s room.
“Chan, don’t let me go! She never confessed you are her daughter! Chan, wait me!” her dad followed her.
“Excuse me, do you remember mei’am Chantiq and you my mom, right? L’am your daughter!” Chantiq said to her mom.
“l’am sorry Chan, I never met you,” said her mom.
“Stop, Chan! She wasn’t you mom. She never met you. She never confess you!” her dad shouted.
“No, you are wrong. You never permissioned me to met my daughter, I was promise to her, when she won piano contest I will build Piano Tiles in our home, so please give me permission now,” her mom was crying.
“It’s not important for me and Chantiq, you know?!,” her dad was angry.
Chantiq was very sad and cried look her parents fighting. She very disappointed with her parents. Chantiq ran out from Auditorium and suddenly a high speed car came to her, it collided Chantiq’s body. She passed away with Certificate Grand Piano in her hand.
Chantiq’s parents were very sad and regretted their wrong. Finally, one month after the incident, Chantiq’s parents reconeillistion and they build Piano Tiles with Canon tone in Chantiq’s room to remaindered her daughter, Chantiq.

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